shove off

shove off
leave; informal or rude

shove off!


The children shoved along


Blow now!

Syn: ↑shove along, ↑blow
Hypernyms: ↑go, ↑go away, ↑depart
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s

* * *

1) [usu. in imperative] informal go away

shove off-you're bothering the customers

2) push away from the shore or another vessel in a boat

* * *

shove off [phrasal verb]
informal : to leave a place

It's getting late, so I guess I should shove off.

She angrily told him to shove off.

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Main Entry:shove

* * *

ˌshove ˈoff derived
(BrE, informal) used to tell sb rudely to go away

Shove off and leave me alone!

Main entry:shovederived

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